Mold Testing


Mold Testing Paxton Inspection Services


It's ugly and unhealthy for buildings and humans.  For people that are allergic or have a poor immune system, a small amount or large amount in a building can cause mild to severe breathing problems or other ailments.

For a building, mold can cause damage to the structure.  It bonds to some building materials, and then will start to eat the substrate its attached too.  This will cause damage to drywall, wood, carpet padding, etc.  Mold needs moisture and food to survive, and a building has plenty of food.

Mold Prevention

So how can you prevent or limit mold growth in your home? There are several ways every home owner, or commercial building owner can limit the spread of mold.
Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Clean Up Water spills
    1. Anytime you spill water or liquids in your home, clean it up right away.  When you get out of the shower or tub, wipe up the water off the floor and around the shower and tub.
  2. Fix Leaks
    1. Make sure anytime you spot a leak around a window, a leaky pipe or faucet as soon as you spot.  You can also turn off the water and call a plumber.
  3. Keep the downspout extensions on
    1. The downspout extensions should a minimum of 6' to properly shed water away from the foundation.  

Mold Testing

How we test for mold:
Paxton Inspection Services will come to your home or commercial building and do a thorough visual inspection of the building.  We are looking for moisture intrusion, past water leaks, and current moisture problem areas.  Once we do that, we will take air samples of the interior.  We can also do swab, tape and bulk samples.

Paxton Inspection Services is certified by the International Association of Indoor Air Quality Consultants.  We follow the IAC2 Standards of Practice.  For more information Click Here.