10 Ways to Speed Up Your Home Inspection

Is this the first time selling your home? Or maybe your second time.  Either way, this article is for you.  InterNACHI Certified Inspector, Ike Paxton, gives you tips on getting your home ready for the inspection.

Selling your home can be an exciting, yet frustrating time.  You think your home is in great condition and will sell fast.   A prospective buyer walks thru, likes what they see, and hires a home inspector.  Unfortunately you receive a call that the home inspector found several defects. 

Almost every property sale gets hung up, or worse it falls through because of the Home Inspection Report.  Realtors and home-sellers alike, blame the home inspector for being too picky, or worse – label him a deal killer.  

Typically, lack of maintenance and up keep on the homeowners part (even past owners) is the cause of a poor report. It maybe even a lack of knowledge of what needs continual maintenance, i.e., HVAC system, ductwork, gutters & downspouts

We see it all the time

In almost every home inspection, at least one light bulb doesn’t work, a smoke alarm is non-functioning, a window doesn’t open, the seal around an exterior door is damaged, and so on.  All of these will get marked as a defect.  An inoperable smoke alarm will get flagged as a Safety Issue, whereas a burnt out bulb will be a minor defect or an item to replace.  

The amount of defects can add up. A number of new home buyers will steer clear of buying the home regardless of what is wrong, based on a high number of defects . 

Our Inspector – Ike Paxton, CPI, wants to share this list of the Top 10 items that should be addressed BEFORE you put your home on the market. And if not, these items should be checked before the buyer gets a home inspection.  The following items are relatively inexpensive to do.  The Home Inspector, the realtor, and You will be glad you did!

Do these 10 Steps to Speed Up the Home Inspection

burnt out light bulb

1. Replace Burnt-out or non-working light fixtures and ensure all fixtures are working properly.

2. Test Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors.  If they don’t work, replace the battery or the whole unit.

3. Get your HVAC System cleaned and serviced.

indoor air quality test shows dirty air filter

4. Clean or replace dirty HVAC air filters.

5. Repair or replace any broken or missing items: electrical covers, electrical outlets, doorknobs, locks or latches, window panes or screens, downspout extensions, chimney caps/covers, weather seals, light switch covers

6. Make sure all windows and doors open and close correctly.

7. Trim all shrubs and trees.  Trees should have a 10′ clearance from the home and garage.  Shrubs should have a 3′ clearance from the home.

8. Repair or replace any damaged siding, face/soffits, exterior finishes, roofing materials and gutters.

gutter cleaning services

9. Clean your gutters.

10 ways to speed up home inspection

10.  Remove stored items that are blocking access to: the HVAC equipment, attic space, foundation walls, crawlspace, water heater, electrical service panels, plumbing (kitchen and bathroom sinks).

†Make sure all utilities and pilot lights are on and access is available to the entire home and garage space.

The key to a good home inspection report and selling your home for top dollar is continual maintenance on your home.  Some items maybe expensive at times, but it is important to repair or replace as soon as you can. 

Get a Move-In Certified Inspection

We recommend everyone get a Move-In Certified® Home Inspection before you list your home.  That way, you can make sure your house is ready to list and the sale won’t get hung up with repairs & negotiations.  

We wish you the best in selling your home!  For any questions or to schedule your home inspection call 701-306-0472 to speak with the Fargo Home Inspector!

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