7 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection BEFORE You Sell

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Getting your house ready to sell takes quite a bit of work.  From cleaning, to painting, and removing the clutter.  But do you know what you need to focus on?  I’m talking about items that can hold up the sale.  Even worse, cause the buyer to pull their offer.

In this article, I’ll cover 7 reasons you need to get a home inspection BEFORE you list your house.  Let’s get started, shall we?

#1. Understanding The Condition of Your Home

When I conduct  a Move-In Certified® Home Inspection, I’ll spend at least 3 hours looking at your house.  Knowing the health and what condition your home is in is the most important part of selling.  I even do a thermal imaging scan to check for insulation problems, leaks, and how your HVAC system is operating.

As the seller, you want top dollar for your house, right?  In the report you will receive, you’ll see items that need repairs before you list it.  Which brings us to reason #2.

#2. Defects That Could Hold Up The Sale

If you don’t get an inspection done, then you open yourself up to frustration, disappointment and potentially loosing out on money.  Unfortunately, this happens all the time.  

Let’s say the buyer’s home inspector flags the roof, water heater, and a basemen wall that is bowing inwards.  Those items are expensive to fix for new buyers.  So more than likely they’ll either:

1.)  Negotiate Negotiate Negotiate on replacement or 

2)  pull their offer.  

Most homeowners never “walk the roof”.  So they don’t know exactly what shape the roof is in.  I’ve heard it many times, “the roof was replaced just a few years ago.”  And then I get on the roof, and shingles are missing, nail pops, or the damage is so severe it needs a full replacement.  

Let’s be frank, a basement wall that’s bowing inwards will freak out almost any buyer! Repairing a bowed wall can cost several thousands  of dollars.  So ultimately, your buyer runs away.  And now you have to wait until you get a new offer…and that could be days or weeks.

By knowing what can and most likely will happen if you don’t get an inspection, you can be proactive, which brings us to #3.

#3. Get More Money

To ensure that the sale of your home goes smooth, you need to be proactive.  By  getting your home inspected before you sell is the first step.  Then after you receive the inspection report, you need to decide what your going to do next.  

This allows you to create a game plan.  Your plan could be to get all the items repaired.  This can be expensive, but if done right, it could bring you a big return on investment i.e., sell your house for more $$. 

Or you could decide to disclose all the defects, and give the buyer either an allowance or discount off the price.  Either way, there won’t be any surprises for anyone.  You took the initiative.

#4. Find Out Ways to Save Money

There are certain items that can increase the listing price of your home.  But there are items or things people do that does not offer any return.  Once you receive the inspection report, I strongly encourage to take advantage of my FREE Report Consultation.  During this consult, I cover not only the report, but ideas you may be thinking of doing, but won’t necessarily help sell your home.  

Repainting every room in your home won’t give a return…nor will replacing cabinet hardware.  The new owners will more often than not, repaint everything to their color palette of choice.  And they may redo the kitchen entirely.  

Which brings us to #5:

#5. Learn How to Make Repairs Work For You.

Your home may have only a few items that need repair, or it could have a laundry list of items.  As a seller, you are looking for the items that will give you a return on your investment or sell your house.  During the FREE Report consultation we’ll go over which repairs are in your favor.  

#6. You'll Get Peace of Mind

Prepping and listing your home for sale is a very trying time.  You are rushing to do a hundred things to get your house ready…just to potentially lose the sale because of the buyer’s contingency of their inspection report.

When you get a Move-In Certified® Home Inspection from Paxton, you get Peace of Mind.  By Knowing that you did everything you could to get your house ready to sell, will give you satisfaction.

#7. Sell Your Home Faster

Every home owner that is selling his or her home wants top dollar and to sell quickly.  Market condition plays into this, but another aspect is the condition of your home.  When selling your home, you have to think like a buyer.

Most potential buyers walk away from homes that need a lot of work.  But by a having a Move-In Certified Home Inspection, you’ll make sure its ready.  And thus selling it faster by eliminating time on negotiations.

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