Kick Out Flashing – What’s the Big Deal?

Kick Out Flashing - What's the Big Deal

We are surprised that on over 75% of homes we inspect, kick out flashing is not installed. With homes being built tighter and unable to breathe (dry out), the higher the risk of sustaining water damage.

12 Tools Every NEW Homeowner Needs

12 tools every homeowner needs

Are you new to owning a home? Congratulations! Its exciting and you have entered a new world. From hanging pictures to painting, you’ll need some tools that you may not have. We have created this infographic for you: 12 Tools Every NEW Homeowner Needs to have in their Toolbox.

7 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection BEFORE You Sell

move in certified home inspection

From cleaning, to painting, and removing the clutter. But do you know what you need to focus on? I’m talking about items that can hold up the sale. Even worse, cause the buyer to pull their offer.

In this article, I’ll cover 7 reasons you need to get a home inspection BEFORE you list your house

We’ll Buy Your Home Guarantee

Buy your Home Back Guarantee

Ike Paxton, CPI – Fargo’s Best Home Inspector, is proud to offer this tremendous guarantee to you. Its backed by InterNACHI. Please read below for the “fine print”.

Reduce the Risk of a Dryer Vent FIRE!

dryer vent fire

Call or Text 701-306-0472 Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin Prevent Dryer Vent fires Every household has a dryer, and at least one dryer vent.  The exhaust vent, more commonly referred as a dryer vent, can be a hidden fire hazard.  Most homeowners clean the lint trap in the […]

10 Ways to Speed Up Your Home Inspection

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection by Paxton Inspection Services

Our Inspector, Ike Paxton, CPI, wants to share this top ten list of items that should be addressed before the home inspection. The following items to check are typically inexpensive, and simple to do