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Mold Testing & Inspection

Paxton Inspection Services provides Mold Testing and Inspections in the  Fargo-West Fargo Metro and the Red River Valley.  Understanding Mold and the affects on your home and health are important. 

Why test for mold?

The ugly stains on the wall or in your bathroom can be mold.  It could be just dust or soot. So why test?  Testing is the only way to know if it is actually mold.  You will also find out what type of mold it is and whether it’s toxic or not.  The information you receive will pave the way for what type of remediation is necessary. 

There are over 300,000 types of mold and not everyone of them is bad for your health.  And not all mold that is black is the Toxic Black Mold


Why hire Paxton Inspections?

Our owner is the Mold InspectorIke Paxton not only does the testing, he is also allergic to it.  He can sniff it out.  Ike knows what it is like to deal with health problems due to mold, and wants to help you and your family escape the clutches of this dirty fungi.

Mold Testing

We utilize air, swabs, bio-tape, bulk samples, and ERMI tests. The Inspector will determine which one(s) will be suitable for your circumstance. 

  • The outdoor air sample(s) is for the control, while the indoor air sample(s) will tell us if and what kind of mold and levels of spores is in the area that is tested.
  • Bio -Tape allows for direct sampling of mold. Lab results will show type of mold and if there was any living hyphae present.
  • Swab Testing is very similar to Bio-tape sampling.
  • EMRI Testing collects a dust sample from carpeting or flooring to verify mold and allergens.  
  • Bulk Sample utilizes a piece of flooring, wall and or ceiling that is removed and sent into the laboratory for results.
Z5 Air Sampling Cassette for Mold Testing

Air Samples

We use the Z5 Cassette for taking Air Samples.

Swab Testing for Mold

Swab Testing

Swabs are one option for direct testing of Mold.

Bio Tape samples for Mold Testing


Bio-Tape Slides Mold Samples.

Mold Inspection

A Mold Inspection is essentially a simplified home inspection.  During a mold inspection, the Inspector will look for moisture intrusion points, ventilation within the home, along how well your home sheds water away.


We look at all things exterior. From the roof, all the way to the site drainage.


From floor to ceiling, to inside the attic. We look at all components that make up the guts of the house that we can see.


We observe the HVAC system, Plumbing system, and the Electrical components.

Are you worried that you may have a mold problem in your home? The Mold Specialist at Paxton Inspection Services can help you. We understand how mold can cause health issues for you and your family. Mold can also cause expensive damage to your home as well. Call the Mold Specialist at Paxton Inspection Services today for a mold testing and inspection consultation.

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