First Time Home Buyer Inspection

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first time home buyer inspection

First Time Home Buyer Inspection

We know the excitement that comes with buying your first home.   We’ve been there, its an awesome feeling and accomplishment.  But there are items and topics that we cover with you during the First Time Home Buyer Inspection that others don’t talk about.

Ike Paxton, owner and InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector wants to help you every way that he can.  During this inspection for new home owners,  you’ll gather knowledge of the condition of the home, what to expect in the future, and how to properly maintain your home.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire
Paxton Inspection Services

for Your First Time Home Buyer Home Inspection

1. We Offer the BEST Guarantee

We participate in InterNACHI’s BUY YOUR HOME GUARANTEE program.  Simply put, if Ike misses anything he’s suppose to inspect – InterNACHI will buy the house back.  Click Here for details.

2. You Get a 90-Day Home Warranty

To make things even better, You get a 90-Day limited Warranty that covers items that go bad after the inspection.  For example, the main sewer line goes bad, a basement wall starts to bow, or you find mold under the kitchen sink.
You also get FREE Lifetime Recall Chek on all appliances and HVAC Equipment.   Click Here for the details.

3. You get more than an Inspection

And the for the finale, You get over $300 worth of FREE time with the Inspector. 

1.) At the end of the home inspection, he’ll go over all the in’s and out’s of what he found and how to maintain the home.

2.) You get a FREE Inspection Report Consultation – in which he’ll go over the entire report with you, so you understand it and what exactly needs to be done.

3.)  He’ll accompany you, for FREE, on the Final Walk Thru to make sure all items that you asked to be repaired were done correctly.

4.)  You’ll also receive a FREE Home Maintenance Book and Monthly Newsletter, along with a Discounted Annual Home Maintenance Inspection following the one year anniversary of your move in date. (If you choose)

Certified Professional Home Inspector

Infrared Thermal Imaging on Every Inspection

Paxton Inspections uses a FLIR Infrared Thermal Camera on every inspection to let us see what other inspectors can’t.

What You See.

Infrared Thermal Scan on Home Inspection

What Other Inspectors See.

Infrared Thermal Scan on Home Inspection

What PAXTON Sees.

Infrared Thermal Scan on Home Inspection
Heat Signature from Baseboard Heater

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