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Risk of a Chimney Fire

By having your chimney & fireplace inspected and cleaned every year, you reduce the risk of a fire, which can be devastating.  We offer chimney & fireplace inspections, along with chimney sweeping services.

Why have an Annual Chimney Inspection?

Every year, there are over 25,000 chimney fires due to lack of maintenance.  By having an Annual Chimney Inspection, you reduce your risk of a potential disastrous fire.  We also perform Chimney Sweep Services in Fargo and the surrounding area.

Paxton Inspection Services wants your family to be safe while enjoying the winter months beside your fireplace.  Besides the traditional wood fireplace, gas and wood stoves should also be inspected annually.  The NFPA, (the National Fire Protection Association) recommends that your chimney be inspected and cleaned every year.   

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What is covered in a

chimney Inspection?

Our Inspector looks at all the components that make up a chimney and fireplace.  He will look at the interior and the exterior, as well as the crown. 

firebox fireplace inspection


The Firebox is where you put the logs. We inspect the condition and look for any defects.

hearth fireplace inspection


The hearth is the exterior part that surrounds the fireplace.

chimney flue inspection


The flue is inspected for cracks, build up of creosote, and any damage.

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Chimney Structure

We look at the structure for any signs of damage, failing mortar, poor mortar joints, cracks, settling, improper height, as well as the chimney crown.

Our Inspector initially performs a Level I inspection.  Upon inspecting if cause is found, he may perform a Level 2 inspection, which involves using a camera scope.

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We offer 3 Levels of Inspections.

Most Fireplace & Chimney Inspections are a Level 1.  For Real Estate Transactions, a Level 2 is recommended.  For a full examination,  a Level 3 will be performed. 

Level 1


 A Level 1 Inspection is simply a visual inspection of the fireplace, flue and chimney.  Our inspector uses a flashlight to inspect the visual components he can readily see.  He’ll look for damage, build-up of creosote, obstructions, and hazards. 

Level 2


 A Level 2 Inspection is a Level 1, but is more in-depth as the inspector will use a camera scope to look into the flue.  He will also use a ladder or other equipment to inspect the exterior of the chimney, crown, and cover.

A Level 2 Inspection is Highly Recommended during any Real Estate transactions.  

Level 3


A Level 3 Inspection involves demolition of walls and ceilings to inspect the structure of the chimney.  This inspection is usually done after a chimney fire, or if the chimney structure appears to be failing.

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